Monday, 27 January 2014

Rain stops play

Not for the first time this year the weather has thwarted any plans I had to get out in the garden this weekend. The raspberries remain unpruned and the broad beans I had planned to introduce to the outside world haven't moved from their windowsill.

My contingency plan was put into action Sunday morning. I had brought my picnic table inside last week to dry out in the hallway. It normally sits in an open spot on an old flag stoned patio towards the bottom of the garden over looking the future veg patch and the fields beyond. this is going to be a great place in the summer, somewhere we can sit and enjoy the fruits of our labour whilst glancing over at what's next on the menu. In the winter however it does seem to be quite exposed. The flash hail showers we have every now and then certainly haven't done the table any favours. The dry stream bed running along the end of the patio turned out to be fully functional again during a particularly heavy shower last week. This was only noticed when we returned home to see the ducks bobbing up and down at the end of the garden. It subsided as quick as it came and was only flowing for a couple of hours. Still a rare treat for the ducks , they couldn't believe their luck!

The table took almost a week to dry out completely so it really must have taken on some water. Over the course of Sunday, in between doing other odd jobs, I gave it a couple of coats of fresh varnish. It now looks as good as new and should be fully prepared for another couple of months outside, before the weather brightens up and gives things a chance to dry out.

All in all not a completely wasted weekend, I'd much rather get jobs like this done now and enjoy the sunshine when it does make an appearance. Fingers crossed for a drier couple of days this weekend.

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