Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Where to start?

Looking at the garden and in particular the weather over the past couple of weeks there's so much to do and such little time. I've been making do with dashing out in between showers on the weekends getting an hour either clearing back old flowerbeds or moving lumps of old stone from one wall to another, trying to reinforce the existing beds. All the while looking for glimpses of where the sun is likely to shine most and plotting what I'm going to grow there.

Up to now most of the action has taken place indoors. I've been eagerly studying the collection of books I have along with trawling the internet investigating which crop will suit which conditions and more importantly when I can begin to sow it. Still I can't say I haven't enjoyed the planning of it all, envisaging all of the homegrown delights that await me in the coming months.

I've even gone as far as sowing some seeds on and leaving them on a vaguely sunny windowsill, broad beans, cabbage and chard two of each. Succession is the aim this year so I'm resisting any more, for now at least.

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