Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sunday sun

What a pleasure it was to wake up to see the sun beaming through curtains on Sunday morning. I had become rather used to being awoken by the howl of the wind blowing past the bay window and whistling through the trees outside.

I was immediately plotting in my head all the things I could get done out in the garden, plans of sitting in a rainy conservatory sowing seeds for the third weekend in a row had all been forgotten.

I decided establishing a herb garden was as good a place as any to start; I had one at the old house which was in almost constant use. The plants all came with me chives, thyme, oregano and sage all squeezed into the largest pot I had available at the time. Similarly to my rhubarb they had not had a second look since. Along with these on a recent trip to the garden centre I had bought a young mint and a fairly well-established rosemary plant to add to my collection.

With the raised beds being outside the back door the herbs would go in alongside these. There’s an old stone wall dividing this part of the garden from the lawn, up against the south facing side of the wall would be perfect. The wall would provide protection from any more harsh winds and the herbs would provide scent as I walk through the garden, and perhaps more importantly flavour in the kitchen.  The area is slightly shaded at times by two rowan trees that stand guard either side of the gate but this will only be beneficial to the more delicate herbs.

The sage, thyme and oregano still had last years tough, woody growth on it so with a pair of secateurs I trimmed them all right back leaving only a few stumps and green leaves at the bottom. I have done this with the same sage plant for the past couple of years with great results, each year it comes back bigger and stronger.

With a bit of help from two over excited ducks the herb garden was all in place by lunchtime. Once established the herbs will have endless uses in the kitchen, adding to all the veg that will grow alongside them.

The afternoon consisted of me attacking a raised, circular bed full of crocosmias where I intend to grow runner beans. I’d like to think I managed to get every single bulb out but the sheer volume removed somehow makes me doubt that.

A glimpse of what’s to come, a fantastic day with plenty getting done and lots to look forward to.

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