Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A New Start

Well it's certainly been a while, but I'm finally back blogging. Back in July we moved house, unfortunately not through choice, the landlady decided that she wanted to sell and we were left with little option but to move. It was a real shame as I had a number of long term gardening projects going on and things were really starting to take shape. I had permanent beds of artichokes and soft fruits and had last summer pulled the old garden shed down to make way for another large vegetable bed. Hours of digging and improvement to this provided an early crop of broad beans and kale with peas and runner beans not far behind. We harvested what we could before we left, down to the smallest baby carrot, but of course we had to leave most behind. I just hope whoever moves in realises what they're inheriting and makes the most of it.

Due to the time of year I had plenty of seedlings in pots, these all came with me to kick start the new garden along with some wood to knock a few raised beds together. A years worth of compost came too in big heavy duty gardening bags.

A sad day was taking the ducks to auction, they had become almost like pets to us having had them over two years. There just wasn't room for both them and the chickens in the new house so we decided to just keep the two remaining chickens. We took them to Ffairfach auction in Llandeilo where we had previously bought our chickens from, the man who eventually purchased them had been questioning me throughout the day so we were happy that they had gone to someone who would look after them as well as we had.

So onto the new house, the garden is considerably smaller than the last one but was a deciding factor in where we chose to move to. It is enclosed at the back of the house so that our two year old is free to go in and out as he pleases, also the chickens will be let out of their run in the winter once all of summer veg has been harvested.

After a week or so I put the raised beds at the bottom of the garden, this seems to get the sun all day which is a bonus. Sprouting broccoli, pumpkins, leeks, french beans and salad that were brought with us all went straight in. In pots I'd kept tomatoes and in an old tin bath I'd managed to take cuttings and transplant most of the herbs

Something we haven't been used to is having a decent sized front garden. At the moment I have done very little to it with the exception of planting last years blackcurrant cuttings alongside the drive. The plan for this space changes from week to week but I'm sure I'll have something in my head by the time winter comes. This should give me time to prepare the ground ready for Spring.

So plenty to get on with, all a bit rushed this Summer but eventually got to harvest some veg. It's good to start with blank canvas but as all gardeners will know letting long term projects go isn't easy.


  1. It's a shame that your "return" to the blog is to bring bad news. But it's great that you are seeing the opportunities presented by your enforced move. You can't do anything about the disappointments of the past but you can look forward to doing it all again. Good luck and keep us posted! (So says an even less frequent blogger than you - bit hypocritical wot?)

  2. Thanks John, a bit late to do anything this year now but looking forward to getting on with things in Spring

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere. I'm sorry that you had to say farewell to your old plot and ducks. Wishing you happiness in your new home. May your garden prove bountiful.